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Yoga Workshop

In Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation era, the life style of the individuals has changed dramatically. An individual’s health depends a lot on their lifestyle. Maintaining physical and mental health is crucial to an individual’s longevity. The more time spent on hygiene, physical fitness, and diet regulation, the healthier lifestyle they have. Those who chose to participate in any kind of physical activity on a weekly basis are generally healthier than those who don’t. Mental illness may occur through various variables. For example, depression may promote mental illness through stress and anxiety. Reasons for being depressed can be due to a number of things including job loss, recently widowed, divorce, etc. Depression may lead to or increase the frequency of poor habits not promoting physical health. Poor habits may eventually lead to a poor or even a dangerous lifestyle.

Now-a day, modern societies and the urbanization process are creating overload on the human forbearance. As a result, individuals are suffering many lifestyle diseases.Several research works have been conducted worldwide in the last few decades to verify the traditional claims of Yogic therapy and they proved that the Yogic therapy is very useful in the health management. As a result, this institute has been formulated special techniques along with traditional practices of yoga for the overall prevention and management of health problem.

List of Workshops :

Duration :

The above workshop is a compact schedule of 12 hours comprising of both theory and practical and will spread over 6 days. The program will be conducted by Eminent Yoga Therapist. At the end of the programme, the participants are given 30minutes for question and answer, as per their personal need. The Yoga Experts are available for personal consultation.