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Testimonial Quotes

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When I first entered the Jagriti Yoga Institute, I was a walking disaster! My lower back was in terrible pain. Ms.Sucharita has the tremendous ability to know what works for each individual and she tailors program to work within the body. Sucharita combined stretching yoga, breathing exercise (Pranayama), meditation and balance to get my body back to being pain free, where I am today.

Ramesh Taltia, CEO, Classic Advertising, Mumbai


As an Internal Medicine/Sports Medicine Physician the complexity of physical health and/or illness that I see in my practice is diverse. It is important to match the need of the patient with the skill and personality of the practitioner rendering service. Yoga provides an option for healing. It is with great regard that I choose to refer patients in the direction of Ms. Sucharita (owner of Jagriti Yoga Institute) as her skill and ability in teaching a Therapeutic style of yoga is exceptional. Her strong attitude towards conscious living and guiding individuals in a direction health warrants exploration.

Dr. Ashish Sengupta, MD, Kolkata


Ms Sucharita is a wonderful teacher. Through her very knowledgeable guidance, yoga class is transforming in many ways. Just one of my positive experiences has been with a shoulder injury that was very painful and slowly severely limited my range of motion. After 2 months of yoga, my range of motion has improved over 90% and the pain is gone. Yoga is so important for all of us on so many different levels. It truly makes a huge, positive difference.

Rajkumar Wadia Businessman, Mumbai


Since I began practicing yoga in Jagriti Yoga Institute I no longer have tension headaches every night. After 20 years of suffering with Migraine and eczema they have disappeared.

Rupa Mahanty, AVP – HR, SMSL ltd, Mumbai


Wanted to share with you the good news that I was suffering from high blood pressure. I meet Ms. Sucharita and start yoga practice in her centre from last year. Now my blood pressure has been in the normal range this past week for the first time in years and years. I am not taking any medication for it. I can attribute this directly to yoga and the fact that I willingly practices yoga on a daily basis. I love yoga so much and I am on a campaign to get my daughters to do yoga too.

Mariam Fernandez, School Teacher, Mumbai


Sucharita, you are the ultimate yoga teacher and I thank you for the guidance in this practice. With your warmth, wit and knowledge, you plant seeds of what’s truly important in life. You have helped me spread my wings!

Ravi Kumar Managing Director, Daddy Foods ltd, Delhi


A friend recommended the class as a great way to start my yoga practice. From the very first class I loved yoga and I feel like I am just beginning my yoga journey and am so lucky to have Sucharita as my guide. From the first days of having no idea what a sun salutation was to now, she has really helped me grow in my practice – both physically and mentally. Each of classes are different, but at the end of each one, I feel like I have explored physical and mental territory that I never would have gotten to unless I was in that room for that session. From the very start of this journey, I have felt like Yoga was a gift. I feel so blessed to have her in my life as my teacher and friend.

Prabir Jana, HR executive, Reliance Retail Ltd, Bangalore


It is almost impossible to describe my experience of yoga class in 3 words. The best 3 that come to mind are

  • Challenging
  • Rejuvenating
  • Transforming.

But if I can take some more time here just to thank you ( Ms.Sucharita) for the wonderful gift you give all of us. Your class is AMAZING! For Body, mind and soul, you enhance my life greatly and others too, I’m sure. The Stress Release, the physical workout and the beyond that is hard to describe. The aspect that makes your class so superior is it’s perfect flow. One pose into the next. The perfect balance. The rhythm, the breathing, the difficulty and the ease at the same time. Your soothing voice and gentle reminders. Almost hypnotic. It can be a deeply profound and meditative experience. If it wasn’t for your class, I can honestly tell you, that I would not be as healthy, as happy or as relaxed in my life. Thank You Ms. Sucharita . You are truly doing a great thing for me and others. And, you just keep getting better and better! With great admiration and appreciation”. “Namaste

Sanghamitra Roy, AVP, Britannia Industries Ltd.


I have seen the following techniques adopted by the institute: Yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, Asana, Pranayama, Bandhas, Dristi, Chakras, Clear language, intelligent modifications and sequencing, deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Sucharita is focus, balance, peace and compassion

Ramesh Kriplani, CA, Mumbai