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Sucharita Mandal

Mrs. Sucharita Mandal (Founder)

Everybody desires for sound and holistic health which is full of enjoyment and pleasure. Due to modernisation, the standard of living of the Indian people especially dietary pattern, working conditions, work-life balance, choice etc. has been changed. The rapid changes in the standard of living triggered to the health. As a results, the people, especially in the urban agglomerations are more prone to get engulf in lifestyle related disorders like diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety, etc. Yoga, a science of life and art of living, and focuses on prevention of diseases and promotion of health by integrating and rejuvenating the body, mind and soul.Yoga has the potential to play multi-faceted roles in strengthening the quality health care system. Yoga provides psychological and emotional well-being. Being a drugless therapy, it is safe and enhances sustainable and functional ability of the body. If practiced systematically following its mechanism to a larger extent, it is a substitute of stress and disease free Personality. We, at Jagriti Yoga Institute, genuinely promote deeper understanding of Yoga philosophy and practices based on traditional Yoga amongst people along with its Vision -“Helping people around the world for disease ­ free healthy life through YOGA”

Mrs. Sucharita Mandal – MA (Sanskrit), CCY (Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute)