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Benefits Of Yoga

Personality Development – Physical level:


Benefits of Yoga

Systematic practice of yoga will help to – proportionate body with all muscles relaxed into the normal state. It is soft like a flower and flexible to the core. – Instantaneously it can acquire a diamond’s hardness. All organs and systems in the body work in harmony a wi eas a normaities, – The chronic and acute ailments vanish or are absent in such a body. These aspects of personality development at physical level make the body work most efficiently by harnessing the energies in the right direction. At resting periods all the muscles are relaxed and the joints remain loose to conserve energy and the metabolic rate is very low. During normal activities, just the necessary amount of energy is used by the body. At crucial times, under conditions of high stress, the functions of organs co-ordinate so nicely that the necessary energy gets evoked and flows profusely into those regions which need more energy. The body gets all the necessary strength to deal with the situation. This ‘stamina’ through harnessing of inner vital energies and training the different organs and systems to work in such co-ordination, can be effectively accomplished by yogic practices. It is in this area of application of Yoga that the specialists in physical culture, wrestlers, sportsmen, acrobats, gymnasts, etc., are keenly interested and are ‘putting Yoga to their utmost use.

Personality Development – Mental Level

Mental Level

Mental Level

The power of imagination ‘Creativity’ and ‘Steadfastness (Willpower)’ are the two aspects. of mind which come under this personality It has been well-recognised that creativity is the core of ‘Arts’ and ‘Technology’. It has been seen that yogic practices enhance the creative power of man. As such, many musicians, poets, film artists, engineers and technologists have been attracted to Yoga.

Willpower is an essential requirement for all persons to accomplish any work.Yoga by its systematic and conscious process of Calming down the mind erases the weaknesses in the mind and builds willpower into it.

Personality Development – Emotional Level

Emotional Level

Emotional Level

Our emotions control our behavior especially at crucial junctures. The challenges of the modern era pose a great threat to the emotional faculty of man. Yet the culturing’ of our emotion’s – development of our emotional faculties finds no place in the whole scheme of education. Man looks lost amidst the atrocities of life unable, to overcome his emotional conflicts, blocks, and turmoil. The result is deep unrest, agony and psychosomatic ailments.

Yoga trains us to systematically sharpen and sensitize our emotions, and consciously expand and diffuse the overtones of such, sensitization. Thus, Yoga offers a fine tool for the development of the emotional personality of man.


Personality Development – Intellectual Level

In the modern era of science, a sharp intellect plays a key role in the scheme of education. Rather than mechanical cramming up of information, thinking and understanding are valued more in the learning process. The children are taught right from the primary level to think logically and scientifically. The capacity to analyze and correlate relevant information forms the function of the intellect; concentration is the expression, precision is the outcome.

However, this enhanced power of the sharpened intellect associated with deep powerful concentration among the intellectual cream of society has also bound man into the whirlpool of intellectual slavery: He finds himself unable to come out of the strong clutches of deep concentration. Though it is torturous and he very, much wants to come out of it, he finds himself stuck: His worries and attachments do not release him. The development of personality at intellectual level should not only result in an intense sharpening of the intellect but also include a mastery to come out of the enslaving power of the sharpened intellect. Swami Vivekananda, therefore, rightly emphasized “concentration and detachment” as the two vital parts of education. Not only should it be possible for one to dive deep into any subject but also be able to come out of it at any moment. It is again the specialty of Yoga that can bring about this comprehensive development of intellect. As we have seen, yoga emphasizes the skill to calm down the mind and it is this skill to pacify the mind that brings the capacity to detach. Hence yoga is attracting the attention of many ‘intellectual sufferers’, bringing them into its fold.

Personality Development – Spiritual Level

Spiritual Level

Spiritual Level

A man may have a very sturdy physique, amazing creative power, a powerful intellect and a highly sensitized emotional grasp, yet may have not an iota of spiritual progress. He may not possess even an inkling of the spiritual dimension. What then can be said to characterize this development? Kachopanisat defines the same thus: The self-existent Lord made the senses out-going. Therefore, one sees the outer things and not the inner Self. A rare; courageous person, desiring immortality, turns his eyes away and then sees the indwelling Self. (Katha up : 2.1.1.)

Normally all of us are so structured that we look mostly outside of ourselves – at the environment. The,. senses. grasp ‘things. around them – predominantly we spend the whole life in understanding the grandeur of the world outside, solving the problems associated with it; unraveling the mysteries therein; using such knowledge to make our life more comfortable and enjoyable; bringing up our ‘children to Perpetuate and sustain the society around us; striving to set patterns of behaviour and etiquette.s of transactions, and so on. We are busy throughout. Notwithstanding this pattern •of life, some glimpses into the depths of our inner dimension occasionally flash in all our lives, Very few catch these glimpses but &brae are awfully struck by the hitherto unknown dimensions hidden within. The search begins; the quest starts. Then, that person is on the march towards spirituality: thus, the spiritual dimension of man concerns itself with the inner world – the move towards the causal state of mind, the root of the intellect and the substratum of the emotions. Man starts looking inwards. It is this inward journey that marks:the beginning of the spiritual quest. An introspection, an inward look, an inner awareness, features the quest. The subtler layers of mind unfold themselves – the inner dimensions of the personality open out.