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Advanced Teacher’s Training Course


Advance Teacher Training Course

Objective: Upon successful completion of Teacher’s Training course, students may pursue Advanced Teacher’s Training Course.

Title & Duration of The Course:

  • The course shall be called Advanced Teacher’s Training Course abbreviated as ATTC
  • There will be Two intakes in every calendar year starting on the 1st of January and July every year
  • The examination for the subjects shall be conducted at the end of programme.
  • The duration of the course will be SIX months.
  • Fees : Rs.10000.00
  • Payment Options:
    The DD should be drawn in favor of Jagriti Yoga Institute payable at Mumbai  OR
  • You can also pay the fee by NEFT transfer as per the details given below and inform us through e-mail/SMS

    Name of the Bank: Canara Bank

    Branch Name: Mira Road ( East), Thane


    Account No: 2645201006006

    IFSC Code: CNRB0002645

    Type of Account: Current A/C

Registration Kit

  • Self Learning Materials (SLM)
  • Kriya Set
  • Yoga Uniform

Refund and Cancellation

  • Fee paid is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • In case the students do not finish the programme in the current batch, registration will be carried forward to the subsequent batches on payment of per Semester Tuition Fees. If students do not finish the programme within stipulated maximum duration, their registrations will be considered cancelled.

Admissions & Eligibility

  • The candidate shall have secured a minimum of 50% of marks in Intermediate School.
  • Special privileges may be given case to case basis.

How to Apply?

You may download the application form Online FREE by downloading the application forms in PDF or Doc formats, complete the same and send it to us along with documents listed in the application forms to jagriti.yoga@outlook.com.


Documents to be submitted along with application: 
(Documents should be attested by Notary / Gazzetted Officers. In case certificates are self-attested, students are required to produce originals during PCCs)
(Please note: 12th Standard or 12 years of Education (High School) are prerequisites)

  1. Two Passport Size Photographs (SIX for non-Indians)
  2. Attested marks card from High School (10th Standard) to highest examination passed.
  3. Attested copies of University Certificates
  4. Health / Fitness Certificate
  5. Experience certificate in Yoga (at least 2 years’ experience or Teacher’s Training Course).

Apply through Post:
Please send us hard copy of your application form and your educational certificates (photo copy) to:


Course Coordinator,
Jagriti Yoga Institute, 

202, Venus-E, Gaurav Galaxy,Phase-2,
Near St. Pauls’s School,
Mira Road( East), Mumbai-401107

Tel: 022-28458311, E-mail: jagriti.yoga@outlook.com


B. Syllabus

Paper No: 1.                                    Traditional Yoga                                        100 Marks

  1. Concept of Yoga &Definition of Yoga
  2. Astanga Yoga
  3. Yama : Concept & practice of Yamas
  4. Niyama :Concept & practice of Niyamas
  5. Asana : Concept of Asana : Padamasana&Siddhasana
  6. Pranayama: Concept & practice
  7. Concept, types&Location of Prana/Nadi /Chakra in Body
  8. Mudras and Bandha : Techniques & Benefit
  9. Kumbhaka : Techniques & Benefit
  10. Pratyhara : Concept & practice of Pratayhar
  11. Dhrana ,Dhyana& Samadhi : Concept & Practices of Dhrana,Dhyana& Samadhi


Paper No: 2                         Yoga & Mental Health                                         100 Marks     

  1. Define of health , Mental health in Medical perspectives
  2. Mental Health : Psychogical perspectives in the context of Abnormal behavior
  3. Yoga & Modern Psychology: A synthetic approach
  4. Concept of Normality:Psychological and Yogic Approaches
  5. Functional Disorders : Causes, Effects and remedies
  6. Conflict,Frustration :Yogic Remedies .
  7. Personal and interpersonal adjustment through Yoga
  8. Yama,Niyama, Asana and Pranayama their contribution to Physical and Mental Health
  9. Prayer : its significance in Yogic Practices


Paper No: 3    Structure & Function of Human Body and Effects of Yoga on it     100 Marks

  1. Nervous System
  2. Endocrine System.
  3. Musculoskeletal System
  4. Digestive System & Metabolism
  5. Respiratory System
  6. Circulatory System
  7. Execratory system
  8. Common Yogic Practices
    1. Asana :
      1. Concept of Asana, Effects of Asana in psychophysiology.
      2. Types of Asana.
      3. Precautions during Asana.
    2. Breathing Practices :
      1. Concept of Pranayama
      2. Effect of Pranayama on various systems
      3. Varieties of Pranayama
      4. Therapeutic Significance of Pranayama.
    3. Meditation: Concept of Meditation


Paper No: 4                                                  Teaching Methods in Yoga                   100 Marks

  1. Yoga Education
  2. Teaching and learning
  3. Sources of Teaching Methods
  4. Class Management
  5. Projects