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Distance Learning Program in Yoga

Teachers Training Course

Jagriti Yoga - Awakening For Yoga

Jagriti Yoga Institute is offering this course with great benefits to the students who want to develop their career in Yoga. At the end of this course, the students will be able to teach yoga to the general public the holistic way, to prevent diseases, promote positive health and bring harmony and peace in the society.



Meet Our Experts

The people of Jagriti Yoga behind us
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Ms. Sarita Thakur

3 Years Experience in Jagriti Yoga
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Mrs. Sucharita Mandal

22 Years of Experience in Yoga Philosophy
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Ms. Manisha Gupta

3 Years Experience in Jagriti Yoga

Latest Experience

We love to share our Story & Experience

Dr. Pravin Rangari - Director, Vipassanna Hospital - Mira Road.

“Yoga me hi Yog hai. For me daily or 5 days in a week…yoga exercise is very Beneficial. For me daily Yoga exercise between 4 to 5pm is playing vital role in my life. Yoga exercise has removed laziness in me, give energy to carry out the evening OPD and evening work.”


“I feel like eating food in the night and i get good sleep of 6 hours. In morning i wake up at 6pam. I feel fresh and energetic. Yoga exercise is stretching exercise, which loosen all the stiff joint and muscles. It gives feeling of relax Mind & Body. It is helping me to concentrate and keep the Mind and Body stable. I love and enjoy doing Yoga daily.”

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